Our Brewery - Award-Winning Beers

We take great pride in crafting some of the finest beers in world. On tap you will always find our Traditional 8 Staple Brews, which can be viewed using the link to the left.  We accompany those brews with a fresh selection of our Gourmet Seasonals. Our gourmet selections follow the four seasons, such as a Winter Warmer with hints of ginger or a Red Hot Cranberry Blonde to celebrate the beautiful fall Maple trees.


We believe our brewery to be one of the most beautiful aspects of our building, which is why it is viewable to passersby on I-75 and in full view in our dining facility. When joining us, please ask your “Service Specialist” to give you a tour. Or check out our event calendar for special events such as the Brewer's Release, a great way to get an up close look at our brewery and be one of the first to taste a new Gourmet Seasonal.

Traditional Big Buck Brews




B u c k   N a k e d   L i g h t

    An American-style low-calorie beer and our best seller. Formulated to appeal to those who prefer a lighter tasting lower alcohol brew. 6.2% ABV




B i g   B u c k

An American-style beer. Corn is added to the grist to give the brew a smooth character. Rich, golden color, light malt character balanced wsith a mild dose of hops. 6.8% ABV




R a s p b e r r y   W h e a t

An American wheat beer made with malted barley and malted wheat. Lightly flavored, with a subtle raspberry nose, a delicate fruit flavor and a slight pink hue. 6.9% ABV




A n t l e r   A l e

This ale has a light amber color while maintaining a mild, clean flavor and a low hopping rate. A very smooth and satisfying beer. 7.7% ABV




I n d i a   P a l e   A l e

Traditionally a heartier, hoppier ale brewed to withstand the journey by sea from England to the Indias. Our I.P.A. is brewed with three different hops to give it a dry, citrus finish. Unfiltered and dry hopped complete our traditonal I.P.A. 8.2% ABV




R e d b i r d   A l e

This Red Ale is a heartier beer with a reddish-copper appearance with a medium body. It is moderatley hopped to yield a pleasant hop bitterness. 8.1% ABV




D o c ' s  E x t r a   S p e c i a l   B i t t e r (E.S.B.)

A full-bodied beer which gets its distinctive flavor, and reddish-brown color from a special blend of 4 different grains and 3 hop varieties. Generously hopped to balance the heavy, malt character. 10.7% ABV




B l a c k   R i v e r   S t o u t

An oatmeal stout with a moderate hop bitterness. The rich, creamy flavor and black color comes from 7 different grains. Deep flavors of coffee and caramel. 7.8% ABV