A Sample of Our Gourmet Seasonal Brew Collection


S n o w   B u n n y   B l o n d e

Our Cranberry Blonde Ale is a crisp, light bodied beer with a slightly tart finish. With a mild cranberry aroma and a hint of sweetness - this brew is well balanced and easy to enjoy! ABV 10.9%


C a s c a d e

An American style Pale Ale made with Cascade hops. This medium bodied ale is dry hopped and unfiltered to create a pleasant hop aroma and a crisp, smooth finish. ABV 11.97%


T r i p l e   R y e

A Gourmet Rye IPA. This beer has been cellar aged for 12 months to deliver the wonderful benefits of aging a complex beer. A strong rye flavor balances with citrus notes and a smooth malt finish. ABV 15.32%


B l i z z a r d   W a r n i n g  I.P.A.

This Brown I.P.A. has a rich citrus scent accompanied by earthy tones. A brew with an intricate mouthfeel and a roasted malt character. Starting with an enjoyable hop bitterness, and finishing with a touch of caramel. ABV 10.9%


W i n t e r   W a r m e r

A light to medium bodied beer with strong aromas of ginger and nutmeg. This brown ale has a warm nutmeg flavor sweetened with honey, and finishes with a slight ginger spice. ABV 16.82%


H a z l e n u t   V a n i l l a   B r o w n

A traditional Brown Ale intensified with a vanilla and hazelnut maceration. A warm vanilla aroma compliments a rich, hazelnut finish. A medium bodied ale with a clean finish. ABV 10.54%


M a p l e   S t o u t

An Oatmeal stout brewed with Maple syrup and brown sugar. The sweetness of the brown sugar nicely compliments this traditional stout, leaving a clean finish. Although the aroma reminds you of pancakes and syrup, watch out for the high alcohol content! ABV 10.17%


C a m p f i r e   J o e

This Coffee Stout will definitely wake up your senses! Brewed with coffee to give this highly malted beer a more intense flavor. ABV 17.65%

Look for more coming soon!!