Our Cocktail Mixers

Our line of gourmet mixers are handmade by our culinary qualified staff, using only the freshest ingredients.  We also produce our own line of gourmet juices, sodas, and bitters.  Please see the tabs located on the left.



B l o o d y   M a r y   M i x


Our culinary team developed this amazing gourmet

Bloody Mary hot and spicy cocktail mix.

 Mix it with our Sizzle Hot and Spicy vodka or

 the Basil Vodka for a perfect Bloody Mary.





S w e e t   a n d   S o u r   M i x


The best sweet and sour you will ever have! Using only the finest hand-squeezed citrus, it is marinated with our Sakhar Vodka. Great for a Margarita or a Long Island Iced Tea.






P i ñ a   C o l a d a   M i x



Our Piña Colada mix makes the best piña

coladas! Mix with our Silver Rum or keep it

virgin - your own Caribbean paradise.





S i m p l e   S u g a r   S y r u p


For the ultimate mixologist. This Simple Sugar

Syrup is great for sweetening and polishing cocktails.

Aquamarine Springs Laboratroy is working on dozens of new cocktail mixers - more coming soon!