Our Distillery - The World's Finest Artisan Spirits

Our distillery team works with only the finest ingredients to handcraft the finest super premium line of spirits using proprietary techniques, creativity, and love for their product line.


Only the finest and freshest fruits, sugarcanes, grains, spices, and botanicals are used by our preparation team.  For example, fresh lemons are specially treated using our proprietary techniques to extract zest and flesh as part of the process of developing our lemon vodka. Vapor and bath distillation infusions and various macerations are conducted including micro and macro levels of filtration.


Check out a complete list of our distilled spirits - please see the upper left hand corner of this page.  Our product research, development, and laboratory team are always working with dozens of new product development distillations for new spirit beverages - more coming soon!


 A r t i s a n   V o d k a

A wonderful artisan distilled silver vodka. Distilled to 190.1 proof, cutting heavily on the heads and tails, for only the most pure heart product. We marry this small batch of hearts with our own glacier deposited spring water. Our final product is filtered for days, hand bottled and labeled, with each bottle signed by the owner.




V a n i l l a   V o d k a

Vanil Vodka has a beautiful, light nose with a soft and smooth finish. Starting with our Silver Vodka, fresh vanilla beans are hand-sliced and macerated to produce an extraordinary flavor. For a fresh, bubbly drink, mix this vodka with our homemade vanilla cream soda.



O r a n g e t t a   V o d k a

We use the same time-consuming production process as we do for our Limonetta Vodka.  However, we switch the citrus from sour lemons to sweet oranges. This is a fabulous vodka to improve on a classic Cosmopolitan.





L i m o n e t t a   V o d k a

We start with our Silver Vodka, infuse it with layers of zested lemons and re-distill the infusion with lemon zest. This vodka has light, fresh hints of lemon. Savor this vodka in any Martini, with soda, or enjoy it simply served on the rocks.




S i z z l e   V o d k a

Big Buck Artisan Sizzle Vodka starts with our Silver Vodka as a base, and it is heated up with a secret blend of hot and spicy peppers. This vodka will make a very bold Martini or Bloody Mary.




B l e u   V o d k a

Our Silver Vodka is introduced to the freshest blueberries, macerated and infused. What a special summer Piña Colada this amazing vodka makes!




B a s i l i c o  V o d k a

This vodka is like no other! Starting with a perfectly clean and smooth vodka, it is infused with fresh basil, creating a very aromatic vodka. This vodka makes a perfect Bloody Mary and gives life to your spaghetti sauce at home.