S i l v e r   R u m

Our Silver Rum is prepared from the purest sugarcane.  This 188 proof rum is then married with our glacier spring Vigor water, leaving us with a very clean and pure rum.




G o l d   R u m

Our Gold Rum is made and produced the same way

as our Silver Rum and cask aged for flavor and color.




S p i c e d   R u m   8 0

Our 80 proof Silver Rum is macerated with only the freshest spices and botanicals.  A big, bold, and flavorful rum.




S p i c e d   R u m   1 5 1

The same as our 80 proof Spiced Rum with almost

double the amount of alcohol, more spices and a

little more heat. Warms up any drink.




P i n e a p p l e   R u m

We take our Silver Rum and macerate

the fresh juices and flesh from fresh

pineapples, giving us a smooth, sweet rum

with a delicate nose.  A wonderful mix with

fresh fruit juices.




C o c o n u t   R u m

Our perfect Silver Rum is infused with fresh coconuts that  have been macerated and aged to give us the perfect beach flavor.  Try Coco Palm in a Cuba Libre for a “Coco Libre” Sensation!